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Beijing Wang Fu Jing Jade Hotel(Xihua Jade Hotel) offers guests convenient access to the Forbidden City,  easily one of Beijing's most trafficked attractions,  as well as the ever-popular Wangfujing pedestrian street,  where guests will find a mind-boggling array of shops and street stalls offering every kind Chinese food and snack imaginable.
Those not given to exploring the Wangfujing area's diverse...[View Detail]

住客评论 790条评论     4.2分/5分 更多
  • btsbeer
    Nice, quiet.
  • sssrr
    Great location convenient! OK, lack of bathing water is not very hot!
  • macroworld
    Clean, quiet, Wangfujing and Tiananmen Square are nearly
  • Austin_Yan
    Quiet, high cost performance, worthy of recommendation
  • fenglan0908
    Bad service, heavy luggage, don't set 5
  • blavmfe
    Beijing city, culture is very large, very early, and the parent-child trip great
  • juanping
    The location was excellent, but caught up with roads, quiet.
  • westfos
    All right
  • telelu
    Environment are particularly good, quiet, comfortable, clean and tidy, friends House very picky, said he was satisfied with the really brilliant! service is also very good, reception staff speaking very good English! anyway, perfect
  • fei_ye
    Very good, away from Tiananmen Square, Wangfujing, the Peking Union Medical College Hospital are very close, rooms at the foreigner very much!
  • cool_james
    Great location, away from the Palace, Wangfujing Street are close, particularly convenient, health and service are good, only thing is slightly narrow bed was 1M points.
  • websling
    Stayed for 3 nights, much better than in Qingdao in the same price range
  • adu0124
    Pretty good overall. dot the room. dot. suitable accommodation for the poor tourists. site naozhongqujing, great.
  • felicerosa
    All right
  • c242710047
    Good recommendation! near the transportation is very convenient, very convenient for shopping dining. the room was quiet, restaurant good. If you travel, or close by is a good choice.
  • alextcma
    Good, convenient, next to Beijing, don't look for it,
  • bym119
    ? ?. ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ?.
  • anna cai
    Quiet, safe, is my impression of it most. This is also super convenient, recommended!
  • jameswyx
    As the fall/winter 2007 has stayed here for two months, remember, and often feel warm, it will be back again as a first choice
  • jaymeeuncle
    Location was good, Metro far, near bus, facilities, health no problem, more foreigners in the hotel, the price was reasonable
  • D.C.Wilson
    Forced selection of hotel is very good for a free upgrade suite
  • melissawj
    Hotels from Tiananmen Square (about 15-minute walk) and very close to the Wangfujing Street. metro station (dengshikou station 900 m) travel to play easy. the hotel is very clean, the service is also very good.
  • moonjas
    Hotel is close to Tiananmen Square National Palace Museum, convenient, very clean, foreign guests, many hotel not only Western food for breakfast lunch and dinner but lunch is good, taste good, family holiday bargain
  • stanwliu
    In Beijing live has two a hotel, this hotel really of good, location is in a article alley in, but on in Ministry of civil affairs there, front desk of service personnel really of is good Oh, I set of is ex gratia room, no window of, in a floor, but at on wants to added money for has Windows of room, later front desk free help I rose, for has a floor has Windows of room, really of is praise
  • Fdancy
    From the maternity hospital is very near, walk for three minutes, the room's too small, bathroom small. the price is too expensive.
  • lxm88867
    Hotel location is good. is Center, away from Tiananmen. Temple of heaven, gong Palace, Houhai are is near. door go not far road Shang on has bus. I to zhiqian online buy has bus card is affordable. to wall I is taxi of. actually bus also can to. because in drum side Shang, hotel is old of hotel. many foreigners. front desk personnel also is good. zhiqian online see has many also is decided this. just began set has both network, later and husband discuss Hou think location is good. and continues toStay three nights, hotel prices are very affordable. Imperial snatching the gold inside, so it's very satisfying. Beijing is heeling. tired, take a taxi, but also not expensive. 23. after friend recommended from the Guild here
  • e01089085
    It's not bad
  • leotwl
    Health clean, front desk beauty waiter attitude is good, TV signal not too good, no one-time slippers, room area is unlikely to, facilities also can, foreigners tours staying more, as yiqian didn't live had, find up slightly fee points effort, is located in Palace Northeast direction, night can walking to Tiananmen Square, away from Beijing woman produced hospital West hospital near, is hospital near better price high of hotel has, internal can dining. network set offers many.
  • seaofinter
    Good location, nice-
  • nine9
    Good, very close to the forbidden city! Wangfujing Street in Houhai or something!
  • Rainbow Jones
    Hotel location is very good, from the Tiananmen Square, the National Palace Museum can walk, not far from the South Gong and drum Lane, we were walking past, feel the Beijing environment. hotel very clean, is the socket quite little, good food in a floor of the hotel, not expensive, delicious.
  • grace882005
    Environment away from the Tiananmen Square near the forbidden city. in the alley is a bit hard to find, but the price for buffet backpackers good-bad customer service at the front desk attitude. fluent spoken English by them to spike.
  • singredant
    Strong flavour
  • fandol
    Near the forbidden city, the other General.
  • dddxxxsss
    Very satisfied
  • angier0414
    The hotel is easily accessible, the environment is!
  • com989
    Overall I feel pretty good, rooms are a little small! business is so good
  • BeijingJames
    I don't know why only one lamp is not a big light in the room
  • baby10
    Location is good, but other environments are generally! as a whole can get on the Internet so it can be considered good, booked two double room stay for three nights or for accommodation, satisfaction.
  • e02771575
    Forbidden City, Imperial City, near Wangfujing, is in an alley, and a little bad early
  • e00141325
    Also, newly renovated old hotel, health, came in a bit heavy, but with Windows, central air conditioning refrigeration effect is good, location away from the forbidden city is very near. beds are too small, with small children, 90 cm is too crowded.
  • calvinlam25
    Room was very clean, good cleaning.
  • lprelation
    Hotel condition is good, location is very good, just beside the Supreme People's Procuratorate, from Tiananmen Square are only two stops away, 10 minutes walk from the East Gate of the forbidden city, traffic is very convenient
    Hotel Nice and clean, not far from Tiananmen Square, very close to the bus station, subway station is far
  • gege88121
    Good service and elegant environment
  • PC sweetie
    Nice, walk towards the West of Wangfujing, Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square and the forbidden city are very close and not close to the street, very quiet. registered brother service at the front desk was not very good, have been in the circuit of the room have a problem when I wanted to change the room want to help to change. foreigners a lot, every day cleaning
  • basti
    Quiet and comfortable, in a quiet place in the downtown area, the environment elegant, very convenient, very good!
  • ellima
    A penny a minute cargo
  • winelevenxy
    Breakfast is very good. have complete facilities, equipment is old.
  • diaoxianla
    Can foreigners a lot