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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel


elyse11score:4.5 / 52021-04-21

Convenient location, very close to the forbidden city and Wangfujing, the traffic is very convenient, accommodation of foreigners a lot lol, pretty quiet, but old, overall okay
Alice6643042score:2.8 / 52021-04-17

Too far from the subway, hot water bottles do not have, it is not convenient
janiajinscore:2.3 / 52021-04-11

Bathroom toilet fat people went out not to risk, is a guest house, so much praise do not know how to.
grace882005score:3.8 / 52021-04-11

Environment away from the Tiananmen Square near the forbidden city. in the alley is a bit hard to find, but the price for buffet backpackers good-bad customer service at the front desk attitude. fluent spoken English by them to spike.
ltt0725score:5.0 / 52021-03-30

Core area
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