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There is no airport also impassability How to let visitors with 12 years in central Japan town housing total increase four times?

Date: 2019-03-21

In recent years, the Japanese government has been aimed to boost tourism to transform the economic weakness, it wants to 2020, Japan's entry to 40 million the number of overseas tourists, but the goal is not so easy to implement.

"Gorgeous" reported in February 2018, according to McKinsey, a consultancy report published "The future of Japan 's tourism: a Path for sustainable growth forward 2020 (Japan's tourism industry in The future: sustainable growth Path in 2020)", according to a 2011 to 2015, Japan's inbound tourism market grew by 33% a year, if The growth rate, which is expected to 2020 in 2015, 2015 overseas tourists, on The basis of an additional 10.9 million people, however, The gap distance 40 million goals there are still 40 million.(see: inbound market grew by an average of 33% a year in Japan, McKinsey report latest analysis of the development of tourism in Japan three challenges and five countermeasures)

Such gap means that the Japanese government needs to further improve the well-known except Tokyo and Kyoto travel overseas reputation, while the best way is to develop a template, help and guide the local people overseas promotion, and develop the efficient strategy can attract more overseas visitors.In addition, the tourism economy in the chain all parts need to be better coordination, let governments, region and city as well as the private tourism can join each other.

To the prosperity of the tourism market, let more practitioners began to explore a road to growth, many cities have showed the trend of "dark horse", which is perhaps can be used to "copy to promote" appeared to model for the whole of Japan, such as the mountain city (Mr Takayama) is located in gifu prefecture.

Japan tourism according to the official 2017, gifu prefecture is located in the middle of the place (Chubu) ten large area ranked sixth in Japan, when the number of visitors has close to 5 million people.Mountain city, is the town of scenery with beautiful scenery and traditional Japanese culture, the number of tourists visiting the rapid rise.In 2017, the total visitors overnight accommodation in the city of mountain rose to 500000, and in 2005, the data for 100000.

The growth of the tourism industry, the profound influence on the local economy, currency exchange service demand, population aging leads to enterprise productivity decline eased.Rise behind the mountain city tourism have rules to follow?Its development model can spread to Japan and the world more areas?These are worth thinking about.

Visitors dominated

Mountain city, rapid growth of tourist arrivals, its not for overseas visitors to launch promotional activities to produce the effect?This is not the case.Not to actively promote local mountain city, but largely adopted free not to interfere in development of organic growth strategy, let visitors help guide local changing ways of traveling.

Free development does not mean, however, do not do any promotion, just a "smart".Mountain city actively invite influential media, bloggers and social media sensation, to raise its profile by the content of the latter.

Mountains city marketing strategy and special point: not all the energy and resources to focus on a particular activity or tourist attractions.The government thinks that the biggest selling point of the mountain city is the atmosphere of the city and the traditional Japanese landscape.Mountain city, executive director of the overseas marketing strategy department Eiji Maruyama said: "when visitors come, can feel see the imagination of Japan."

Beautiful magnificent mountain scenery, forest of traditional Japanese architecture town street, has a long history of the qing whose, stroll tired also can go to the nearby hot spring, these elements are the natural advantages of mountain city, is one reason why the overall atmosphere become the core of their marketing activities."Of course, tourists can only see the street view and participate in the festival activities, but these are not the big buildings or national treasure, the mountain city's charm lies in their daily lives."

Such idea determines how the local government and industry communication infrastructure planning the development of tourism projects and fitness, and private firms adopt what kind of cooperation way, and how both sides to show its programs and activities, and make the local tourism industry healthy organic growth.Eiji Maruyama, points out that the purpose of the strategy is in the development of tourism resources at the same time, let the local people proud of it."The key is not what you show, but how to show."